Inspired by the Arab world, designed by Arabs across the world

Inspired by the Arab world, designed by Arabs across the world




Our Mission

As far as we know, we are the first company to sell Palestinian designed and inspired socks across the world. We're also specifically aiming to benefit Palestinians worldwide up and down our supply chain, from digital design to marketing and business management.

We reinvest our profits new designs from graphic designers from Palestine, manufacturing new socks, and marketing our socks through Palestinian and Arab-American media and organizations.

A certain portion of profits will also be allocated for donation to specific projects that support entrepreneurship in Palestine.

We measure our success across the following three dimensions: 

  1. Growth: How far and wide are we able to spread the designs of Palestine on socks?
  2. Reinvestment: How much are we able to reinvest into Palestinian graphic designers
  3. Support: How many community initiatives, particularly around entrepreneurship, are we able to support?

Thank you for launching Habibi Worldwide!

On May 30th, we completed out crowdfunding campaign with Build Palestine. Thank you so much to all those who contributed - we raised nearly $8,000 and launched two new designs.

We now have all four sock designs in stock, so pick some up from the shop below! 

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